23 Mobile Things Spotlight – Thing 18 Education

icon_23_100px1The CMLE office will be shining a spotlight on some of the 23 Mobile Thing posts that deserve to be noticed. This week’s focus is on Education, Thing 18.

Elk River High School Media Assistant Zoma Olson on her “The Adventures of SZSRocks” blog expertly showcased the fun that can be had with the coLAR Mix app. Just look at the picture and see what amazing things the app can do.

Thing 18 - colAR 8Zoma, looked a few other apps in her post and found a possible use for the Today’s Document app. “We have a white board at the entrance to the ERHS Media Center,” she said, “and we try to change the greeting every day.  The Today’s Document app may be a good source for daily reading prompts to put on the board.”

For other great education ideas, or for any of the things, check out the other CMLE participant’s blogs from this page: http://23mobilethingsmn.org/cmle/

For those that are in the program, we encourage you to continue blogging, tweeting, and posting about your experiences. If you’re struggling for motivation, feel free to skip around. Find that mobile thing that motivates you. Remember the end date to complete all 23 Mobile Things is June 15th. If learning more about mobile devices isn’t enough, we remind you that registered Minnesota participants are eligible for prizes! Keep up the great work and make sure to collect your badges.

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