School Libraries Under Threat

Barbara Stripling Portrait
Barbara Stripling, ALA President

Barbara K. Stripling is the current ALA President, and she is making a point that I fully support about the importance of thinking beyond our “siloed” view of the type of library we work in and/or support. Stripling maintains that academic, public and school libraries together support lifelong learning, and that they form an ecosystem that works together to serve people of all ages. As Stripling describes the serious threat to  school libraries, it is understandable that stressors in that sector, place stress on the entire  “library ecosystem.”

Read Stripling’s article which provides great examples and information about impact to the entire ecosystem when school libraries are cut. She concludes with ….” We all deserve the right to libraries and must understand that, when one part of the ecosystem is under threat, we all pay the price.”

The American Library Association (ALA) asks that you show your support and stand up for our nation’s libraries by signing the ALA’s Declaration for the Right to Libraries.