From the Director

For all practical purposes, this fiscal year is coming to an end, and I must admit, our CMLE staff is limping to the finish line on fumes! Having said that, due to popular demand, our 23 Mobile Things Program will plug along until June 15, 2014, although our blogging activities will end for the summer with this edition of the Weekly Review . If you are one of the participants that swore you would finish if we accepted your wish to extend the deadline to June 15th,  please don’t disappoint us! All finishers will receive an incentive prize, but CMLE will also put all finishers from our region into a drawing for a new Galaxie Tab 4 OR an iPad Mini! I am counting on you to finish the program in order to be in the drawing! Right now your odds are very good, but we are hoping lots of participants are “laying in the weeds” and will spring into action soon! It is not unusual to see people cross the finish line at midnight, so don’t worry about your pride on that front….you would not be the only one!

Important: I will rely on the fact that your badges are up to date so we can easily see who has finished the program!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to let us know when you’ve earned a badge (at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 23 Things completed)! Just email with your blog name, multitype region (CMLE), and how many Things you’ve completed. Multitype staff will place your badge in our CMLE blogroll and send you one you can display on your blog to share your progress.

Our summer CMLE to-do list is quite different from our weekly work during the academic year. Summer is an important time for administrative work including the Library Legislative Forum, annual audit, year-end reports, discount agreements, internal system updates, program planning, and  our commitments to Fall library conference planning too. So, it might seem a  bit sad, but our Weekly Review and associated blog posts will be on a short hiatus during the summer months, but we will be back in the Fall! We will continue to wrap our arms around the glut of library news and opportunity, filter and distill it down to an easy to digest format, and share it with  you starting in September. We remain committed to offering ideas, tips, shortcuts, cost savings,  and application ideas too.  We hope this little blip in service gives everyone a refreshing “breather”. Watch your email in the event that something significant happens this summer that we feel a need to share immediately. Otherwise, enjoy quiet moments of summer serenity curled up with a good book under a big shady tree. Summer is a great time to renew and refresh. See you in the Fall!

Didn’t have time to read all of our blog posts this year? Go to and meander through this year’s posts! Many of the posts are timeless, so better late than never….

CMLE Director, Patricia Post
CMLE Director, Patricia Post
  Patricia Post, Director
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