The Weekly Review is Coming!

CMLElogoFY11Starting next week on Thursday, September 11 (about 11 am), we will begin our Weekly Review email message to staff in 320 Central MN libraries. The weekly review is published each week on Thursdays (except summer and holidays) and is received by at least 400 individuals! In a typical week, CMLE’s “What’s Happening” blog sees over 350 unique views!

Excited? We are too, and thought we would share a few little known facts about the Weekly Review…

• The Weekly Review message takes the place of a CMLE newsletter (published from 1979-2010), and is your weekly news feed from CMLE staff to you!
• The combination of a weekly email and library news blog allows us to provide more timely information, while keeping the clutter in your inbox to a minimum.
• Our CMLE staff are watching multiple library news sources including professional organizations like ALA, AASL, ISTE, MLA, MEMO (now ITEM) and State Library Services in addition to following leaders in the library field on social media too!
• Each week, our staff combs through hundreds of news possibilities on your behalf. Lots of items hit the cutting room floor! Why?
• We know your time is important so we limit the number of posts each week to 7-15, captured in one email with links to all news stories.
• The Weekly Review is a CMLE service and takes roughly 25% of our staff time!
• Do you have staff that aren’t receiving the weekly review? Get them added by sending their info to
• Occasionally we will be asking you to complete poll’s. We hope you’ll take the time to help us collect information about what you’re doing at your library.
• Traditionally, reader’s favorite blog posts are about library/media center happenings in the region. Have a subject or idea for a story? Feel free to submit your stories at anytime.