Meet Theresa Gilbertson

photoThe CMLE office is excited to welcome Theresa Gilbertson as our new Project Assistant.  What follows is a bit about her and her interests.  You’ll see her name on a few blog posts and at CMLE events this year.  Please join us in welcoming her to CMLE! 

Hello, Theresa here!  I was an anthropology major at Hamline University and am currently enrolled in the Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Archaeology graduate program at St. Cloud State University.  I grew up in a library – we didn’t have one in my hometown, but there was one in the neighboring town (where my parents worked, where we got our groceries, where I attended dance & voice lessons. . .).  At the very least, I went to the library once a week, and was always excited about it!  The librarians knew me and my parents, and probably could have made some money betting on what I would be checking out each week.  At that age where I was too old for a babysitter but too young to drive, my parents took me to the library on their way to work so I could volunteer there.  It was usually on a Wednesday – I would get up early, pack my lunch, and spend the day there.  Sometimes they didn’t need me all day, so I would expand my interests by taking the time to look at books that I normally wouldn’t look at during my regular trips.  When I go back to that library, the librarians ask what I’m up to (and ask about my parents, too)!

I took that library experience to Hamline with me, and worked in the theatre department’s library and archives.  Being the newest shop in the theatre department, we had a lot of “getting started” responsibilities as well as those everyday things – lending archival documents to students and faculty, checking out books, and getting our books back!

It’s so difficult for me to choose just a few favorite books, but to keep it short and sweet, here are 9 books and 10 authors: the ‘Harry Potter’ series (JK Rowling), ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ (JD Salinger), ‘Holes’ (Louis Sachar), Roald Dahl, JM Barrie, AA Milne, Lemony Snicket, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, and Nicholas Sparks.  I’m currently enjoying ‘Staggerford’ by Minnesota author Jon Hassler.  My interests aside from books include playing and listening to music, getting a little crafty, writing, baking, anything theatre, and spending time outdoors.  My favorite non-holiday day of the year is the day I get out to The Great Minnesota Get Together.  (Hotdish on a stick, guys!  It’s by the horse barn.)

I’m excited to be working at CMLE and hope you enjoy the news I bring you!