Libraries Help Authors Self Publish

Book lovers never go to bed aloneLast week, I blogged about Library as Idea Incubator? and our blog stats showed quite a bit of interest in that idea. Recently, at the Explore eBooks MN Summit event, there was also a fair amount of conversation and interest in the idea of libraries as a catalyst in the self-publishing world. Libraries could become a place where authors could find helpful tools and information about self-publishing along with helpful encouragement as they make their way through the process. After their books become published, the library could  becoming a hub for authors to talk about their published books and maybe offer their assistance to others trying to do the same.

Kentucky public libraries are jumping on this idea. According to Henderson library Director Essy Day “We provide the resources to help them do it themselves. It’s like a one-stop website that gives you tools and resources, and we also have a calendar where they can book a date at a library to come and promote their work.” In theory, authors could sell more books, and aspiring authors have a place to receive help when they need it, both from library staff but published authors too!  To read more about the theoretical underpinnings and about specific resources tied to this idea, go to Libraries Helping Authors with E-Publishing.

What do you think, can you envision your library as a writers hub? Personally, I love this idea!

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0