Re-Thinking Twitter

Licorice twistsHave you already made up your mind about Twitter? To some, Twitter can seem a little like black licorice: you either love-it or you hate-it. Adam Grant of the Huffington Post was, until recently, in the hate-it camp… that is, he was.

In a recent article, he writes about his transition and admits that he was wrong about Twitter. One feature he highlights is Twitter’s ability to share information. “When I share something,” he says, “I know it will be accessible to people who have opted in to see my tweets, and I won’t be burdening anyone else.”

Librarians are finding Twitter can work for them too. Is your travel budget in a pinch? With hashtags on Twitter you can follow the conversation before, during, and after a conference without even having to attend. Right now the #mnitem hashtag is a perfect example. With the ITEM conference on Oct. 2-4 organizers are using it to host tweetchats, connect with attendees, and raise event awareness.

This year, members will see CMLE utilizing Twitter for increased engagement. Look for our Quick Question Poll soon!

Maybe the best way to sum up, is back with Adam Grant: “if you’re not already on Twitter, give it a try.” Have you been convinced? Check out the video below to get started using Twitter.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0