Cosplay: The Book Lovers' Wearable Art

NC_CCC_20140524_014Cosplay is a hobby that has seen increased popularity within the last few years.  But many aren’t sure what it is, exactly.  We’ve found a great blog post on this very topic.  Blogger Varia writes, “For someone new to the community, cosplay can be very intimidating, and attending a convention feels a little too reminiscent of Frodo’s journey through Mordor.”  The post is a great resource for you, whether you are interested in becoming a cosplayer or simply want to know more about it.  It walks you through the who, why, and how of cosplaying, and readers are encouraged to ask any further questions they have.  “Cosplay is a wonderful artform,” Varia says, “that challenges you continually to learn new skills and expand on developing as a craftsperson.”

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0