We've Learned: Library Staffing Updates

LightbulbWe’ve Learned….is designed to keep our readers informed about news concerning personnel in Central MN libraries/media centers. With 12 counties to monitor, we need your help! Please contact CMLE at any time you are aware of  staffing changes, job postings, awards, honors, accomplishments….you get the idea!

Changes in Library Staff

  • Mary O Dea is the new Emerging Technologies librarian in the SCSU Library
  • Karen Pundsack is the new Interim Executive Director of Great River Regional Library
  • Julianne Ninteman is the new Media Specialist at Talahi Elementary in St. Cloud.
  • Sara Martini, previously the  media specialist at Talahi Elementary is now at Westwood Elementary in St. Cloud.
  • Diane Crossley, Media Specialist, has moved from Lincoln to Clearview Elementary, Clear Lake
  • Jennifer Dahlstrom-Lage is the new Media Specialist at Lincoln Elementary, St. Cloud.
  • Gwen Toppe, is now the Media Specialist at Big Lake Middle and High School.
  • Krista Mohs is the new librarian at All Saints Academy in St. Joseph


  • Sharon Lilke, Media Specialist, has retired from Big Lake Middle School
  • Jan Hasbrouck, Media Specialist, has retired from Westwood Elementary School

Others? What/who have we missed?


Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/nwbfuhq, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0