Denver Public Library's online local music service

cdsWith the decline of the physical CD, and the rise of the digital music file, many libraries are beginning to offer online music services too. Recently, The Denver Public Library (DPL) began an “online collection of local music that’s available for free streaming and download for anyone with a library card.” With this service, called Volume, and its local spin, the DPL is creating a self publishing-like service; but instead of eBooks for authors, it’s online music for local musicians.

The Reverb piece about the service describes how it got started and also its mission. “We thought this could be an amazing opportunity to connect with our local community,” said Volume project manager Zeth Lietzau. “What we’re trying to find is a place that creates a really Denver-centric community. That’s a niche that people are interested in.”

This local message even limits the content that can be on Volume. “Any band that’s not based in Colorado isn’t allowed to be included…”

Beyond its “local” focus, Volume hopes to attract younger people not using the library as well as people who are using the library but who might not know the local music scene.

Interested in Denver music? Check out the Volume website for free 30 second clips of local artists.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0