Getting out of the Library Silo

2633122737_8d9bb5bd6b_zWhat do you do for professional development? Attend conferences? Read professional literature? Linda Braun on the YALSA blog would argue that you’re not doing enough! She points to a discussion that recently took place over Twitter related to going beyond just the library world and also learning at other education forums.

“If you think about it, getting out of the library silo for professional development is really another way of learning about the community.” – Linda Braun

Braun tells us to “seek out opportunities to connect digitally and face-to-face with those outside of your library community. Read about educational trends that go beyond Common Core. Try a conference that is not sponsored by a library organization.” All these are great ideas but you could also set aside time to learn a new technology. The Minnesota Multitype’s 23 Mobile Thing program is still available for self-paced learning so take a moment and step outside the library silo.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0