Tablets Engage Students in the Classroom

Kids with Education Tablet ComputersMany schools are acquiring – or trying to acquire – tablets for classroom use.  The hope is that tablets can be used as classroom tools and improve learning.  Studies vary on what percentage of students currently have access to tablets, but those students that do are primarily using tablets from parents or through a tablet program at their school.  While the tablets are used for all sorts of subjects, the most popular apps on tablets are for reading and literacy.  In an interview by Ben Johnson with Adriene Hill of Marketplace Tech, Hill says that only about one third of 4th grade students are considered “proficient” in their reading skills.”  Apps on tablets can help – they are more engaging and seen as more fun by students.  Technology is also more “personalizable,” Hill says – it is easier to tailor the app to the student’s needs.  You can listen to the full 3-minute interview here.

Looking for apps to use?  Look for our weekly ‘Recommended App’ post, which features a new app each week that has been recommended by the American Association of School Librarians.  So far, we have featured Monster Physics, Duolingo, Brian Cox’s Wonders of Life, Subtext, and Notability.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0