School Libraries Matter Video

Here is a great chance to be proactive, and shine a spotlight on school libraries!

I would suggest you embed this School Libraries Matter video on your school website. It is well done and a great way to share the value of the school media program. You may want to also consider including a link to a previous CMLE post called 100 Things Kids Will Miss (if they don’t have a teacher/librarian in their school). Be proactive! If and when the school media program is on the cutting board, it will be too late!

Support 50,000+ school librarians making a difference every day. Join the conversation! #SchoolLibrariesMatter

To put the video on your school’s website:

  • Visit the video page on YouTube:
  • Click on the “Share” link. Use the link or other options to share
  • Click on the “Embed” link to get HTML code you can put into your website

YouTube blocked at your school? Consider using TubeChop. Still need help? Contact CMLE!

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