Why you should attend CMLE's Copyright Event

iStock_000014864782LargeOn Tuesday, November 18th from 1-4pm, CMLE will be hosting a training workshop focused on the topic of copyright. This workshop will give you an excellent opportunity to understand the issues around eContent Copyright/Fair Use especially as they relate to your school 1:1 initiatives, media center, or library users.


(Deadline for registration is November 12, 2014)

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Are you uncomfortable or unclear when confronted with the following copyright questions?

  • No one monitors our photocopier or printers. Should we establish rules to ensure that copyright is not abused?
  • Internally, I am often asked questions about copyright, but administration or faculty often do not like my answer to their question. What is my liability and responsibility for their actions after they have consulted with me?
  • Our school no longer buys textbooks, yet we are scrambling to replace the content. Can any portions of the discarded textbooks be scanned and used as digital content on a Moodle site?
  • If we make a replacement copy of a published work in a digital format, can we loan the new copy?
  • Students are creating e-portfolios and often want to share their works to competitions or distribute their work more broadly. What are the copyright implications if they have included other copyright-protected works as a matter of fair use?
  • Our library plays portions of songs over the sound system, including popular music. Fair use?
  • Can we lend our DVD with public performance rights to another school or library?

If questions like these keep you up at night, join us on November 18th! Do you have copyright questions of your own? Put them in the comments!

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