Minnesota Digital Library: Call for Minnesota Reflections Project

This message comes to us from Minitex and the Minnesota Digital Library.


Call for Minnesota Reflections Projects
Phase 11 is Open!

The Minnesota Digital Library is looking for contributors to Minnesota Reflections Phase 11. We are seeking photographs, postcards, maps, letters, documents, books, oral histories, film and more in both our usual topic areas and some special ones, such as:
• Temperance and Prohibition
• Civil War
• World War I
• World War II
• Vietnam War/Protests
• Health Pandemics (Influenza, Polio, Smallpox)
• WPA and CCC
• Ballparks and Baseball
• “Up North”: Cabins and Camping
• Roadside Attractions
• Resorts and Leisure
• Minnesota Landscapes
• Holidays and Celebrations

The full Call for Projects and the Application Form are available on the MDL website.

Take Action Now!

Phase 11 is open until our money is fully allocated or June 2015, whichever comes first. Propose a project or set up a consultation by contacting Outreach Coordinator Molly Huber at mollyh@umn.edu or 612-301-1329/800-462-5348. We look forward to hearing from you!