Cathedral stays in session during snow day

Winter WonderlandSNOW! In Minnesota we know its coming, its just a matter of when. With all the snow comes the occasional snow day. Many see these as missed opportunities for learning and ultimately days that need to be made up in the spring. Others relish the day off from school (i.e. Students).

Not so at St. Cloud’s Cathedral High School where this year they are trying out an “online schooling” program when snow days occur. “Because all of Cathedral students have school-issued MacBook Air computers,” said Cathedral Principal Lynn Grewing, the online school is an “alternate way of delivering the lessons.” On November 10th they got their first opportunity to try out the process.

From the St. Cloud Times: “Faculty posted assignments in the morning. Using digital textbooks and the online Schoology platform, students completed assignments and communicated with teachers.”

The story was even picked up by the Weather Channel.

So what is the future of the snow day? Online School or Day off?

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0