New version of ACRL scholarly communication toolkit is available!

Image from SumAll - Free Marketing Images
Image from SumAll – Free Marketing Images

The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) recently released a new version of its popular Scholarly Communication Toolkit with updated content. Here are a few key facts about this resource:

  • The  primary purpose of the toolkit is to assist librarians in
    • (1) integrating a scholarly communication perspective into library operations and programs and
    • (2) preparing presentations on scholarly communication issues for administrators, faculty, staff, students, or other librarians.
  • The toolkit provides links to examples of specific tools, including handouts, presentations, and videos for libraries to use on their own campuses, and for library school students seeking to incorporate these issues into their course work.
  • You will also find short overview essays on key aspects of the relationship between libraries and scholarly communication.