Recommended App: DragonBox Algebra 5+

DragonBox Algebra 5+Recently, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) came out with their 25 Best Apps for Teaching & Learning for 2014.  The apps were chosen because they foster innovation, creativity, active participation, and collaboration.

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is one such app.  The app makes learning fun by encouraging players to solve equations in a gaming environment.  DragonBox comes in a 12+ version and as DragonBox elements, which is geared towards geometry.  There is a link on the main website for more information about a 7 day trial for those who want to test out the app in schools, and you will also find glowing reviews on the website.

The $4.99 app is recommended for grades K-5 and is available on iOS and Android.  Check out their promotional video:

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