Copyright Continues: Best practices!

iStock_000014864782LargeIf you missed our November 18, 2014 copyright event with Nancy Sims, we are truly sorry for your loss. Nancy referred to a number of resources during her presentation, which we promised to share broadly with everyone. She did a great job of explaining fair use and shared relevant examples to allow us all a bit of time to wrestle through the fair use process too. Much to the consternation and sometimes delight of participants, copyright is not black and white, and often, we have more ability to make a case for fair use than we may have thought! Today we share a treasure trove of Best Practices to help guide your fair use decisions in specific areas!

Visit  Best Practices in Fair Use  to receive additional guidance on specific areas of fair use as listed below. Tip: zero in on a relevant  area and consider downloading or bookmarking the PDF to keep handy for all of your staff members to use as a reference tool when making internal decisions about fair use. The list of best practices includes…..

  • Documentary Film
  • Online Videos
  • Dance-Related Materials
  • Media Literacy Education
  • Open CourseWare
  • Scholarly Research in Communication
  • Teaching for Film & Media Educators
  • Media Studies Publishing
  • Poetry
  • Use of Images for Teaching, Research, and Study
  • For Academic and Research Libraries
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