Sony’s new product to sell used eBooks

booksDo you realize that when you click the BUY button on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, or Google, and you think you are buying an eBook, you are in fact simply licensing the book! Yep…it is true. This lack of clear ownership remains one of the murkiest problems in the eBook industry, one I have always resented!

I am thrilled by the news that Sony is addressing this problem with a new product. In fact, while defining clear ownership, they hope to also allow us to sell our used eBooks. Once sold, the book will actually disappear from the original owners account! Now we are talking….I am all about buying used when I can!

I admit, the technical details left me a bit mired, but read the full blog post to see what you think. Sounds like we can expect Sony to take this product to trade shows in Spring 2015! Read the full post at Sony Developing New DRM to Make Used eBooks Viable.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0