Five library marketing trends for 2015

bustle...Library marketing has become a part of many library jobs. Whether it’s helping out with social media or working on a print publication, marketing is now a part of our jobs! Recently Tiffany McClary shared her thoughts on what 2015 holds in library marketing. “The trend toward providing useful, relevant content that people want to consume will continue,” she says. “[T]eams can take the information they share in the library—how to research a term paper, search for a job, find investors—and turn it into bite-sized tips for Twitter, blog posts, and ebooks.” The main ideas from the article are:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Human Speak not Marketing Speak
  • People helping People

Do you have any other marketing ideas for 2015?

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY 2.0