New 3D Printer at CSB/SJU Benefits a Range of Departments

Makerbot Industries - Replicator 2 - 3D-printer 09CSB/SJU’s most newsworthy purchase of 2014 has students, staff, and faculty wanting more.  The new 3D printer has already been used by many different departments, from art to physics.  However, there is still room for the printer’s potential to be fully realized.

A lot of people think, ‘It’s just for art.  It’s just for making biology models.’

There are other ways to use it.

-Adam Bauer, Media Services Manager, CSB/SJU

Tiffany Clements of CSB/SJU’s report highlights the use of the 3D printer by a biology student at CSB.  The student, Mary Catherine Decker, was able to get more accurate results for her research project, but also added the experience to her applications to dentistry school.  Decker says that the experience is marketable because, “dental offices are starting to have porcelain 3D printers in the office.”

The printer is currently housed in the Creative Lab at Clemens Library at CSB.

For Clements’ full report, and to see two videos of the 3D printer in use, click here.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY 2.0