College Readiness and Pinterest

School Library Journal recently rolled out  a new column that deals specifically with college readiness. We are often tempted to get hung up on ACT or SAT scores when we consider readiness, which are only part of the equation. In fact, emotional maturity plays an important role in freshman success too. There is an important role for librarians to play in bridging the gap between high school and college.

In their first installment of the College Ready column, interestingly, a tool of choice to help bridge the readiness gap is Pinterest. Who knew that there is actually a Pinterest board called 20 Things I Wish I Knew Freshman Year!

Read the full piece to get other great Pinterest boards on this subject, and to get ideas about how to combat Senior-itis too, which may already be in full bloom! Read the full post at School Library Journal.

Image credit:, licensed under CC0 1.0