Google vs. the Internet Archive

1-obIV4Z-MqsT81fodF8uH3g“In the last five years, starting around 2010, the shifting priorities of Google’s management left…” the archival projects of Google Groups, Google Books, and Google News Archive “…in limbo, or abandoned entirely.”

So begins the recent reflections by Andy Baio of Medium about the change in Google’s mission from one of preservation to one focused on the present and future. Luckily, for users and preservationists everywhere, the Internet Archive has picked up the torch.

The Internet Archive is known for archiving the web, and it’s Wayback Machine now indexes over 435 billion webpages! The Internet Archive also hosts:

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • TV News
  • Software

Why wouldn’t we want to support this independent, nonprofit organization helping to preserve our online history?