Libguides 2.0: your library’s next website?

icon-lg-220In a recent lita (Library Information and Technology Association) blog post, Michael Rodriguez, Assistant Professor at Hodges University, talks about his small university’s migration to Libguides 2.0.

Libguides is an easy to use Content Management System used by many thousands of libraries worldwide. It is developed by SpringShare and promises to be an ideal tool to market library resources and services.

In the article, Rodriguez talks about the migration from version 1 to 2 of Libguides. He also talks about some its benefits:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Modern code
  • Custom URLs
  • Hosting
  • A-Z Database List
  • Customizations
  • Dynamic design

Are you already using Libguides v2? Still on version 1? Or are you thinking about taking the leap? Share your story below!