Are you ready to start a reading revolution?

i readBlogger and Advanced Placement Literature teacher Brian Sztabnik got my attention with a blog post that included: reading revolution, and blogs. Like, who wouldn’t be interested in two of my favorite things?

Lots of people are concerned about whether students still read, do they read enough, do they understand what they read, and how we foster that love of reading? I believe Brian is right on with his approach of creating a contagious atmosphere of passionate readers with two cornerstones.

Choice (of what to read) and Blogs = Empowerment!

Flipped classrooms are often used in math and science, but why not reading?  Indeed, Brian has flipped his classroom, and his post shares how to do the flip, what the fears might be, and why he feels blogs are the way to go to capture the students thoughts and learning. This blog post is worth a read if you want to be part of the reading revolution!

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0