Infographic: What do the MN multitypes do?

multitype_infographic_p1The MN multicounty, multitype library systems play an important role in the statewide fabric of libraries, but it is sometimes hard to explain exactly how.  Why? While we all have some common focus areas, we are also tasked with responding to specific needs in our respective regions. So services can vary by region. In the case of CMLE, we respond to the needs of 320 libraries in 12 counties in Central MN. Does this sound like a tall order? Why yes it is, and the hardest part is gathering up a good picture of the regional needs. Stay tuned for a member needs assessment coming soon, where we will give you an opportunity to provide input. For now, feel free to get the big picture of multitypes by taking a look at the infographic we recently created to help legislators understand the work we do. Multitype funding has been flat for eight years, so we are making the case for a funding increase, and hope we are successful. If we are, lots of exciting possibilities are on the seven multitype wish lists!