Students go beyond just tech support

640px-Clock_CogsMany schools are thinking about or already have a “Geek Squad” type program in their schools. Students providing tech support for students in a 1:1 or BYOD environment. Andrew P. Marcinek from Burlington Public Schools (MA) decided to add even more to the idea. He developed a graded, half-year elective class where students would take part in:

  • hands-on study of technology integration
  • assess problem sets throughout the day
  • solving problems for students and teachers
  • developing resources for staff
  • complete and maintain several running projects that address technology integration

Rather than students being on the outside of the process, they can help influence and shape it. “One of the biggest mistakes a school leader or district technology director can make is to think that they can honestly control every aspect of a students’ digital life” says Marcinek. “It’s an impossible task. Instead of working within a culture of restrictions and redactions, school leaders should develop and design paradigms that empower students to use technology.”

Check out the course outline or read the whole story here.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY 3.0