Schools: The Myth of Having Summers Off

Lake St. Peter [2]If you work in a school then you’ve likely heard the remark: “Must be nice having summers off.” The perception will likely never change but Heather Wolpert-Gawron of Edutopia is here to spread the word that teachers are yearlong learners themselves, besides working at a school.

Her list of 9 Education-Related Summer Tasks will seem like a to-do list for some, but for others, it might help spread the word that everyone who works at a school doesn’t simply have their summers off:

1. We work summer school.
2. We attend department and curriculum meetings.
3. We improve on our curriculum.
4. We curate and develop libraries of new lessons.
5. We learn the new technology or curriculum programs purchased by our schools.
6. We write, blog, or comment.
7. We continue our own professional development or help run others.
8. We set up our classroom environments for the next year.
9. I heal and recharge my batteries.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0