Will ‘eBooksAreForever’ level the playing field?

time_alone3_hiresNate Hoffelder of Ink, Bits, & Pixels has shared news about a new startup program, eBooksAreForever.  In his post, Hoffelder points out the problems libraries can face when it comes to eBooks: the “annual fees, expiring licenses, and mysterious technical glitches.”  That’s where J. A. Konrath comes in.

Around this time last year he and August Wainwright launched eBooksAreForever, a startup that offers a library-friendly ebook solution.  Based on the idea that it’s more important to get ebooks into libraries than make a buck off of them, eBooksAreForever sells DRM-free ebooks under a ‘forever’ license. . .

Sounds exciting!  You can read more and join in the conversation here.

Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/neb497z