Having students build their own 3D printer

uZYSV4nuQeyq64azfVIn_15130980706_64134efc6e_o3D printers for libraries are on many wish lists, but could you build your own? That was the idea behind a series of weeklong workshops recently held in Pennsylvania. Joe Cilli, who runs the online school’s STEM program, turned the tables and had the students build their own 3D printer. “Each of the 24 participating students purchased entry-level 3-D printer kits for a discounted price of $200, which they assembled and were then able to keep.” The program utilized the Printrbot Play, an all-metal-body 3-D printer. Building their own tools has students using a makerspace to create a makerspace!

“The program exposes students to hands-on STEM opportunities where they meet peers from around the state with an interest in science and engineering,” Joe Cilli

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