SJU Alcuin Library renovation and Learning Commons

sjulibThe academic library at St. John’s University was recently in the news due to some construction and renovation that officially began in June. Kathy Parker, Director of Libraries, said the project is a “culmination of years of mental energy…” and is “now becoming visible.” Check out floor plans and other information on this website. Besides a general refurbish of the space, there will also be:

  • Construction of an Archives and Special Collections Area in the basement of Alcuin Library.
  • Installation of a new elevator that will service all four floors of Alcuin Library.
  • Construction of The Saint John’s Bible gallery in the auditorium formerly know as AV1.

St. John’s is also adding a Learning Commons space that will be an addition to the Library and will start May 2016. The Learning Commons space will have “classrooms, and study spaces that will enable students to take advantage of technology…” According to St. John’s President Michael Hemesath, “Alcuin Library and Learning Commons will be the academic heart and soul of our campus.”

Check out this video where St. John’s President Hemesath is talking about the impact these developments will have on student experience.