Local publisher, Graywolf Press, becomes big player

photo-1425141750113-187b6a13e28cIts always nice to hear about a local company doing well beyond the borders of Minnesota. Local publisher, Graywolf Press, is doing just that. A recent article by Vulture talked about the small publisher, its roots, its struggles, and its success. “Publishing just over 30 books a year, Graywolf has had authors win four NBCC awards, a National Book Award, two Pulitzers, and a Nobel Prize — all in the last six years.” As the article says, that’s no Penguin Random House, but Graywolf has “harnessed and to some extent generated a revolution in nonfiction.”

Have you read any Graywolf books? What did you think?

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/ (Josh Felise), licensed under CC0 1.0