Data Walls – Create a transparent library environment

photo-1422080567534-309d0d19392aFresh from the ITEM conference, CMLE has learned from Library Girl the power of data! Actually, the power of sharing your data with users in order to tell your story. Rather than just tell people, or worse yet not telling anyone, display your data, and your story, for the world to see. Library Girl, who was a keynote at this years ITEM conference, advocates for the power of transparency. She posts her library’s data, what she is doing, how she’s doing it, and who she is working with too. What happened when she put her data on the wall for the world to see?

“Within minutes of the data going up, students were coming in to the library asking questions: They wanted to know more about the number of books that were circulated, what the busiest time of day was.”

She also talks about teachers seeing it as well as parents. Remember, you can take your data beyond the wall too! Social media is a great tool for telling your story and creating a transparent library environment.

Academic, Special, and Public Libraries can use this idea too! How are you telling your story? Share your data and create a transparent library!

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