Adult Storytime: Yoga for the Brain?

Samantha TerBeest read a short story as the Winona Public Library held adult story time over the lunch hour.Are you looking for ways to help adults slow down and indulge in simple pleasures? Would adults like listening to a short story or poetry reading in your library while they munch on their lunch rations? And, what if on special occasions, you even invited guest readers? This very type of programming is happening nationally, but in Winona, MN too!

Some CMLE members will remember Samantha TerBeest from when she was a CMLE temp employee. Sam enjoyed working with libraries so much, she decided to get her library degree and is now making news doing clever programming like adult storytime as the Adult Services Librarian at Winona public library. I think Sam is on to something here….what about you? Would you attend such an event during your lunch break? Wait, no lunch break? Hmmmmm….maybe some streaming on mindfulness is in order for this group!

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