10 Questions to ask yourself about your teen services

Question Mark, Ipswich, 13 December 2012Looking for further ignite the teens at your library or school media center? YALSA has got some questions to get you thinking about how. The best part is these aren’t just random questions but ones based on ongoing research relating to teen library services. Ready for the deep dive? Check out the YALSA article “The Teens Speak Out: What Teens in a Tech High School Really Think about Libraries…and What You can do to Improve their Perceptions” for the research behind the questions. Here are the questions to get your mind thinking:

  1. Can teens find quiet spaces for reading and studying in your library and vibrant spaces for hanging out, socializing, and creative activities?
  2. Do you avoid charging fines and other penalties that can keep teens away from the library?
  3. Do teens help you decide what you stock in the library?
  4. Are you fighting against the stereotype of libraries as just book providers?
  5. Are you going to where the teens are (outside of the library) to market your services?
  6. Are you working to ensure that all library staff exhibit positive, welcoming attitudes toward teens?
  7. Are your policies framed in positive language?
  8. Are you matching your services to your teen community’s unique needs?
  9. Do you provide opportunities for teens to demonstrate their knowledge and accomplishments, such as avenues for displaying teen fiction, teen photography, teen computer game designs, teen music compositions and performances, etc.?
  10. Do you work hard to bring the teens in your community together at your library, either face-to-face or online?

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