Teaching Mindfulness

photo-1444312645910-ffa973656ebaHave you noticed mindfulness cropping up in different areas of your life? Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to present-moment experience and doing so with kindness and curiosity, rather than with judgement. Indeed, you will find the topic of mindfulness surfacing in peer reviewed journals  in what some professionals are calling an actual “wellness movement”.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are sometimes unnecessary if you know a bit more about how to manage those things. Not surprisingly, as adults embrace strategies and tools to help them feel successful and happy in life, they can better work with students/children in the same way. Small changes go a long way.  Encourage a child to confront negative thoughts about their self worth and you can change their life! It is pretty easy once you know how….

Edutopia did a recent piece about the simplicity of giving the gift of mindfulness to students of all ages. It is worth a read….five minutes of your time.

You might also enjoy this short piece about handling classroom transitions too…..Making the mundane mindful!

Still too stressed out to help anyone but yourself on the topic of mindfulness? No worries….loop back to the mindfulness series we did last year to get started, and good for you. You are most definitely worth it!

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/ (Deniz Altindas), licensed under CC0 1.0

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