Are You on the Path to Burnout?

photo-1428891786829-23a17f38b8f0After attending the ITEM and MLA Conferences recently, I was struck by how often the word burnout came into casual conversations. I was also struck by how often I heard  phrases like, “taking a step back” and “regrouping”. The hot wave of tech integration has warmed in “early adopter schools” and some media specialists are recalibrating, re-examining their practice. Public librarians are licking their wounds after summer reading programs. Smart professionals know burnout is a hazard of the profession, but also know they don’t need to idly wait for total burnout to happen!

Our friends at Edutopia did a great blog post about 12 steps to prevent burnout. Even if one idea works for you, it is worth a read. Do Pinterest boards called Happy Thoughts or Things That Make Me Laugh sound appealing? Or how about creating a joy journal? A quick read with all the links you need await you! Peace.

Image credit: (Ryan Pouncy), licensed under CC0 1.0

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