Questions from the field: Accelerated Reader Responses Part 2

We asked and you answered! Our questions about Accelerated Reader drew a bunch of great responses from the field. Thank you for taking the time to write in! In this post we summarize responses from question 2. The question 1 summary can be found here.

Question 2 from the field about Accelerated Reader: Our school is into the AR (Accelerated Reader) program.  In the past, there has been a “store” twice a year for students to spend their points.  I want to come up with a different plan or a better plan. What do your schools do?

For question 2 we got a lot of detailed descriptions of school’s AR reward program. Most were “not a store, but rather a progression of simple prizes.” Prizes ranged from pencils to ribbons and were awarded when students reached certain pre-determined goals (i.e. 10pts, 100pts). One responder said they distribute prizes every Friday and prizes are usually from Amazon or Oriental Trading.

One response pointed out a problem that some schools have with AR and struggling readers: “Occasionally, some students didn’t earn the points and I struggled with what to do with those kids. Often, a few days before the end of our timeline, if a student wasn’t at his/her point goal I would request that those readers come in before school or during recess or free time to catch up and get their points so that they could attend the ‘party.’ Rarely, did we have anyone not make it!”

“I think AR is a highly effective reading program. It helps create good readers because students get a lot of reading practice and with practice we all get better at the skill we are trying to develop.”

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