What Drone Technology Can Teach Students

Drones aren’t just for the military anymore. With cheap models flooding the market, schools are finding new and exciting ways to engage with their students and, more importantly, improve learning. Edudemic recently highlighted 11 ways you could use drones for learning at your school. There are obvious ones like survey school land, but also ones that push students to think deeper like debating the ethics of drones. Here are the highlights but make sure you read the whole article too!

1. Make Your Own Drone
2. Survey School Land
3. Weave a Tensile Structure
4. Monitor Natural Disasters
5. Shoot Video for a School Project
6. Lead a Treasure Hunt
7. Navigate a Drone Obstacle Course
8. Make Art
9. Learn About Our Environment in Real Time
10. Debate the Ethics
11. Brainstorm Alternative Uses

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