How Central MN does book fairs!

booksWe are so lucky to have great members who share their time to respond to CMLE polls. This input allows us to share with others what is happening in the region. Recently we asked what schools are doing regarding book fairs.

Quick Stats:

  • 96% of responders are using Scholastic
  • 2 – average number of book fairs during the school year
  • 40% – average dollar return of the total amount sold

Overall, all responders said they use the book fair to add books to their collection, but others said they use it for furniture, online subscriptions, and makerspace activities. Most responders scheduled their book fair to coincide with conferences at their school.

Responders also weighed in on book fairs:

“The book fair generates a lot of excitement and it is fantastic to see families visit the fair and leave with books to enjoy at home.”

“Each year our profits shrink. Considering changing or dropping completely.”
Like many library topics, there seems to be many opinions regarding book fairs. CMLE’s research shows that there are many different options and delivery methods for book fairs. Mackin’s Funds 4 Books promises 100% return. Barnes and Noble also offers book fair programs for schools. One responder had even worked with Usborne Books. While other schools have used to host virtual book fairs. Let us know if you know of any others and how they worked for you! We hope to continue to cover and talk about this issue in the future, so stay tuned.
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