Follett announces integration with OverDrive, Mackin

325/365 ThanksgivingSue Polanka recently highlighted an announcement from Follett about their Destiny product. At the AASL Conference, Follett said that soon students and teachers won’t have to log into each separate product once they were logged into Destiny. Polanka explained the integration:

“The product integrations ensure that once users have logged into Destiny, they can access OverDrive or MackinVIA content without being presented with another separate login prompt from those vendors’ platforms. Students and staff can easily access the content from Destiny with a single click of a consistent open button, further negating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.”

It seems an unlikely partnership, but all parties involved are on board. This is an exciting announcement for Destiny users!

Read the whole post from Polanka now.

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0