Digital badges for teachers' PD efforts

Dehydrated MarshmallowsEveryone is excited about digital badges and their use with students in learning. But what about using digital badges with teachers?! That’s the premise at Houston Independent School District (HISD) where they partnered with VIF International Education (VIF) “to provide our teachers with globally themed online professional development and a customized digital badging system.”

Teachers would participate in some online question-based professional development modules and then were awarded a digital badge for the successful completion. HISD and VIF touted the benefit of this digital badging system with these five features:

  1. Badging requires demonstrating understanding and implementation of a target content or skill.
  2. Badging provides recognition and motivation. 
  3. Badging allows for knowledge circulation among teachers.
  4. Badging can be tracked and assessed. 
  5. Badging is a scalable enterprise.

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Image credit:, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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