Penguin-Random House announces new eBook structure

zEk8RJdmQrqja2XwbjgJ_DSC_2368Have you heard the big news? Penguin Random House announced December 3 that it will implement perpetual access for all of its eBook titles and cap prices per title. The new structure will phase out the Penguin model of one-year lending and reduce the price for some previous Random House titles with a $65 cap on all Penguin Random House e-titles starting January 1. Sounds good until you compare this cap with what a consumer pays for eBooks and print titles. This is progress, but is this as good as we can expect in library land?

ALA leaders weigh in on this news here.

AL: E-Content, Dec. 3; Publishers Weekly, Dec. 3

Image credit: (James Tarbotton), licensed under CC0 1.0