Tech tools: The "game changer" for people with Dyslexia

zEk8RJdmQrqja2XwbjgJ_DSC_2368Whether you are working with elementary students or college students with dyslexia there are many innovative tech tools that can make a huge difference in his or her ability to communicate and learn.  A simple iPad in the hands of a young person who is dyslexic can be a “complete game changer” according to fifth-grade teacher and producer of the HBO documentary, “The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia“, Kyle Redford.

Dyslexia expert, Martha Youman, says that oftentimes the challenge is with educators who may think that “using technology with dyslexics is somehow cheating.”  She suggests, “schools must let go of expectations that each student is going to get to the same place in the same way.”  Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques Center (SALT) at the University of Arizona has used technology with their students since it’s inception 30 years ago.  They have had great success helping students with note-taking, email organization, and managing their technology all through technical tools.

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Image credit: (James Tarbotton), licensed under CC0 1.0