Fireside Reading Series & Podcast

fireside-thumbStarting January 20th thru February 24th, there will be six weeks of free fireside readings by some of Minnesota’s finest writers. At 7 pm each Wednesday, people are invited to come and sit by the fire in the Hamline Midway Library in St. Paul.

Now in its 22nd season, the Fireside Reading Series is one of The Friends’ oldest and most popular events. The series annually highlights the work of some of Minnesota’s finest writers who have published a new work in the previous year. This year’s lineup includes: Faith Sullivan, Rick Shefchik, Beth Dooley, Erika Lee, Anton Treuer, and Catherine Madison.

Continuing last year’s efforts, The Friends will offer the entire season as a free podcast, available on the website  and on iTunes.

Credit image: Logo promoting Fireside Reading Series & Podcast