New makeup of the CMLE Governing Board

fireworksJanuary marks when CMLE has a turnover in its Board members. It is also the meeting where we do the yearly election of officers to serve on the Executive Committee. Each year I marvel at the knowledge around the table and the generosity of Board members in giving of their time.

A few facts about the CMLE Governing Board:

  • As a multitype library system, created in MN Statute, a Governing Board is required to oversee finance and services that serve regional needs.
  • The Board includes eleven members, consisting of seven citizen members (not employed in library or information services) and four library workers representing academic, public regional libraries, school media centers and special libraries.
  • Citizen members are appointed by the cooperating regional system boards, GRRL and ECRL in the Central MN region.
  • The number of representatives from each regional system board is determined in proportion to population, with a minimum of two citizen representatives from any system. On this Board, five are GRRL appointees, two are ECRL appointees.
  • For additional information about length of term or other details, see the CMLE Bylaws.

The 2016 slate of Officers (Executive Committee) include:

  • Maria Burnham, President
  • Susan Schleper, Vice President
  • Vi Bergquist, Treasurer
  • Joanne Kudrna, Secretary

A roster of the full CMLE Governing Board is available on our website.

Image credit: (kazuend), licensed under CC0 1.0