Supervisor Nuts and Bolts Workshop

I have a plan. (187/365)Do you supervise and give work direction with no authority? Do you feel like you are killing yourself to meet all aspects of your job, when it is never enough? Are your best intentions being undermined, misunderstood or met with hostility? Let us help…

CMLE would like to gauge your interest in attending two “after school” sessions (4-6 pm) in St. Cloud that will build your skill sets in positively influencing others and in creating space to do really good work. Come to hear how to get others (often paras) to do what you want them to do, while also wrapping your supervisor around your little finger! Come prepared to share with a professional expert/facilitator what is hard, what is not working, and get tips you can use tomorrow to make you better at what you do!

CMLE is willing to underwrite the costs of this event, but needs to gauge interest before we hire an expert to teach/facilitate these sessions. We need a minimum of 10 people and have room for 25. If you are from the Central MN region and think  this free workshop is for you, please weigh in below and indicate ALL dates that you could attend the first session.

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The poll closes on February 22, 2016.

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