3D Printing Education Modules for Middle Schools and High Schools

stratasys_logoDo you work in a setting where teachers are asking how to integrate 3D printers into their curriculum in a meaningful way?  We have seen plenty of demo widgets created with these printers, but a recent article from Business Wire tells the story of how Big Lake Middle School and John Paul II Catholic Secondary School have made international news with implementation in their classrooms.

Stratasys is a 3D printing and manufacturing solutions company that has created project-based learning and teaching modules for middle school and high school classrooms. They will be releasing seven new modules by the end of the school year.

“These modules are a great guide for instructors, helping them to integrate 3D printing into their teaching strategy, and they’re also vital to the students, helping empower them to revolutionize their understanding of the design and making process and maximize their potential at such an early stage,” according to Michael Santolupo from John Paul II Catholic Secondary School.

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Stratasys' Logo courtesy of: www.stratasys.com