In rural Minnesota, libraries can be only source for high speed internet access

MN broadband coverageIn too many places, libraries are the only reliable high speed access point. And no other place is this more apparent than in rural Minnesota. Taking a look at the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development’s website, we see map after map where broadband coverage is lacking.

Fox 9 in Princeton recently talked about this issue and even spoke to East Central Regional Library Director Barbara Misselt. “It’s not uncommon to see cars pulled up when the library is closed,” she said, “people using their devices from their car.” The need is there but as Fox 9 points out, it seems cost is the factor keeping companies out. There is hope, Governor Dayton is asking for more funds to expand broadband and the task force is working hard too. Let’s hope a change to broadband availability happens soon so that rural Minnesota is on equal footing with the rest of the state.

Read the article or watch the Fox 9 video now.